Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bake 'em up

Most of you know that I dream of running away with the Gypsies most days and now I have something to add to it!

Do Gypsies eat baked goods? Dammit, they better! I now plan on running away with the Gypsies and opening up a bakery ... a girls gotta dream! My friend Alicia who lives in Oregon is on board, but now we just have to make it happen! She is so freakin' funny and keeps me entertained with "pain in the ass husband stories" and last night she experienced a 3 P's night. Her baby peed, puked and pooped on her all at 4am! She really needs a bakery!

Anybody want to buy a house in San Diego so I can runaway and eat lemon bars, banana bread (damn good recipe Alicia), cookies and cupcakes all day long!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of Big Girl School!

I can't believe it ... Brooke started Kindergarten today! Corey said she was SO excited and was very happy to find her seat right next to the class Guinea pig!

Congratulations Brooke!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Playing Catch-up

What a Sunday! Denis and I were woken up at 6:15am to MASSIVE lightening and thunder! We watched the show half-awake for well over an hour and listened to the rain beat down on our house. Who knew that Hurricane Dean would give us a little ... very little taste of a dissipated hurricane? We were mesmerized to say the least. It apparently dumped 2 inches in just over two hours! That is about annual rainfall for us!

Later in the afternoon Denis went out to mow the lawn and DAMN ... it felt like Florida in the summer. We were reminded once again why we love Southern California and why we haven't packed up and moved to the east coast ... much to my sister's dismay!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Jakey Boy

Thought we needed to include a few pictures of our boy Jakenstein. I can't believe he is 8 years old and still acting like a mad man. The other day I caught him taking a nap on the couch (where he isn't supposed to be) and I had to take a few pictures.
He is SO darn cute!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A little G. Love

Another eventful weekend with the Shefferd's! We spent an extended weekend up in Ventura, surprise/surprise, but man did we have fun. On Saturday the guys went to the Dodger's game and Tamara and I spent the evening at Wine Lover's. Man, did I love the wine ... maybe a little too much. Sheffy had a bit of a hangover on Sunday!

The real reason we headed up to Ventura was for a concert at the Santa Barbara Country Bowl on Sunday. The venue is awesome ... just like the rest of Santa Barbara. We saw Slightly Stoopid and G. Love and some local Santa Cruz band.
You know you are in California when the security guards are busting people for smoking cigarettes, but not for smoking other things!