Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Q's 1st Christmas Party

A few weeks ago we took Quin to his first ever Christmas party! We met Katie, Brian and Quin's girlfriend, Lilah, at the party. We also got pictures taken with Surfer Santa.

Merry Christmas!
Denis, Amy & Baby Q

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Dream Team

Here we stand! The Baby Q Dream Team was all together on Thursday night at Babies in Bloom - along with Ricki Lake too!

From left to right:
Kayti Ricker - Doula Extraordinaire
Jo Kilburn - Hypnobirthing Instructor
Liza Janda - Mama-to-be Yoga Instructor

All of these ladies played an amazing role in the planning, pregnancy and birth of Baby Q. I was so happy to have all of them together in the same place with Q.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Q's 1st visit with Dr. Jack

Quin and I went to the chiropractor today. We both were so relaxed when he left, so relaxed that we came home and took a nap!

We love Dr. Jack! His first reaction "he is SOLID". Yes my petite little son is 10lbs and counting. He is outgrowing his newborn clothes and that makes this mama sad.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just treats around here

Quin at his Halloween breastfeeding Support Group. He peed on his outfit so I had to just drape it over him! we call him "Ghost Boxer"!
Today is Quin's first Halloween! I had two really cute outfits, a ghost gown (thanks Nicole) and a "Baby's First Halloween" onesie (thanks Tamara) ... well our little guy managed to poop and pee on them both yesterday and every other time I put him in them. There must be something about those outfits.

So today instead of wearing a cute Halloween outfit he is wearing a Small Paul outfit from Auntie Vicki. At one point today as he was getting upset about something I looked down and he had the same look on his face as the monkey on his shirt. Once again, I wish I had the camera. There have been so many times in the last three weeks that I wished I had a camera but was just too damn tired to find one.

Just think next Halloween I will have a little man running around the house in a real outfit. It is hard to think that far in advance when I am still trying to make it through each day.

Finally feedings are going better. We had a hard go of it, but I am hoping that we have turned the corner AGAIN. At least we don't have to worry about Quin's weight. He is a whopping 9.5lbs. He has gained a pound and a half since he was born and has grown over an inch. At this rate we are going to have a mammoth man on our hands!

We will try to be better about posting pictures of Q (as we are now calling him). He is changing everyday. I just looked back at the pictures from the day he was born and I can't believe how different he looks and acts.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quin - Day 10

In Quin's own words:
Just taking a little snooze in my bassinet. Nanna first bought the bassinet for my cousin Brooke and a few other babes in the family have used it as well. Now it is my turn! I like to sleep in it during the day, but really I would prefer to sleep on someone!

My mama kisses me all the time. Doesn't she know that all I want to do is sleep, eat and poop? She is trying to wake me up during the day to eat. Doesn't she know that I like to wake her up at night to eat and just be awake?

Don't I have the cutest lips ever? Nanna calls them Angelina lips.

I do like to pout every now and then. I'm a little dramatic like my mama, but man do I look like my daddy.

From the mom and dad front:
This is just a little bonus picture! My sweet son decided to poop ALL OVER ME the first day I put on non-maternity clothes. Yes I did start crying and felt totally helpless. Thank god my mom was here to rescue me from the poop bandit!
We are doing much better around here. I feel like the weepiness from hormones is finally slowing down (still haven't made it through a full day without crying, but close today), we got some good sleep last night, and the hus and I went to breakfast alone today. It was really nice and made me feel like I will surface from the fog soon.
The plan for next weekend is to go to the Pumpkin Patch. Hopefully I will have the courage to breastfeed out in public by then. Maybe I will try breastfeeding at a local coffee shop with my mom this week. I still feel like I shouldn't take him anywhere yet, he isn't even two weeks old yet. If the Patch is a success we will aim for a walk at the beach.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally some more Q pics

The new little family is starting to surface from the land of bringing home baby. We all could use about 80 hours of sleep and toothpicks for our eyelids.

Below are a few pictures from Quin's first week. We will be better at getting personality pictures in the next few days.

Our first family walk with the BOB! Quin wasn't too happy about it.
The happy yet sleepy family! Poor Jakey he is feeling neglected.

These pics are for Jenni & Russ. The little "DUDE" pooped on his cute outfit within minutes!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Introducing Quin Owens Shefferd

He arrived! He arrived! On Thursday, October 8th at 9:05am Quin Owens Shefferd made his debut ... after only a few days of labor.

He was 8lbs exactly and 19.8 inches and BEAUTIFUL. We are in love ... and still trying to figure out how to sleep.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Single Digit Days ...

I logged onto the blog this morning and was baffled to see that my count-down timer is in single digits. Now, I know that I am due soon but man it caught me off guard. Not much has changed around here other than the laundry is done, I have made two loaves of banana bread, one loaf of zucchini bread and I will be making either pumpkin chocolate chip muffins or bread! Now baking, that is my kind of nesting!

This morning I was just thinking about my life with my husband. I am one lucky woman and I probably don't tell him that enough. He is nurturing, supportive and frankly doesn't take any of my shit. He is the father of my son, my best friend and he is someone that I can't wait to grow old with. I know that things are going to be different after Tiny Sheff arrives (okay, okay, we still haven't decided on his name), but I am hoping that our relationship grows even deeper. I can't wait to see my son asleep on his daddy's chest! We are one lucky family and I can't wait to grow to a family of three.

As far as names go, man have we heard some interesting ones from friends and family! There are a few that I am afraid are going to stick even though we would never dream of naming our child something that mean! Take a look at the list below:

German Shefferd (thanks Aunt Clair ... we know you will call him this FOREVER)
Shea D. Shefferd (say it together fast!)
Bleys (pronounced Blaze)
Thelordismy Shefferd

and there have been plenty more. You will have to stay tuned to learn his name!

Friday, September 11, 2009

36 Weeks ... Isn't this some sort of milestone?

Pictures from this morning! Exactly 36 weeks. Only 29 days to go, well we will see about that!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why this girl is a NORTHWEST girl at heart!

Around this time of the year I start to feel like fall should be just around the bend. Well, apparently there are no bends to speak of in San Diego. Today, it is supposed to be 90 degrees and that is too much for this Northwest-y.

Yes I did only spend 4 years in Seattle but every time I am back up in the Northwest I feel so at home. Seattle, Portland, Lafayette, Eugene, McKenzie Bridge and anywhere in between (except of course Roseburg - scary) make me feel complete. Is it because of the people who live in those places, the memories I have from college or simply the fact that I am feeling a little nostalgic on my 33rd birthday? Who knows, but let me count the ways.

1. Fall. The Northwest puts on a damn good show.

2. Starbucks. I will admit it, I love the 'Bucks. Today in fact the gave me a free birthday drink AND they had all of their pumpkin baked goods. Three of my favorite words PUMPKIN BAKED GOODS. Yes, I did splurge and have pumpkin bread this morning.

3. Divine Paints. Mentioned this in my last post. The best paint ever, of course it is from Portland.

4. Rain. We in San Diego have no concept of rain. All I want is a huge rain storm complete with the wind blowing drops against my window, a big bowl of chili and some corn bread.

5. Sweaters and fleece. So we might have an REI in Encinitas but you just can't quite make use of their clothing like you can in the Northwest.

So how do I make myself feel a little better about not being in the Northwest ...

Answer #1. I still go to the Nates Butt Farm, oh I mean Bates Nut Farm to get pumpkins with the hus. This year we will have someone else in tow. I will have to make my own "fall showing" this year.

Answer #2. I will frequent Starbucks and eat all of the PUMPKIN BAKED GOODS I can!

Answer #3. Of course the nursery has to pay homage to the Northwest. Spray and Cocoa it is!

Answer #4. This is a tricky one. I will have to put on my Rain relaxation music, make chili while sweating in the kitchen and turn the oven on along with the AC while I baked corn bread.

Answer #5. Dammit I will wear those sweaters and fleece and look damn good doing it ... all while sweating!

Monday, September 7, 2009

We have a nursery ... almost!

We painted, painted, painted, cleaned this weekend! Now we have a nursery, a place for the little guy to call home. I'll add more pictures later but this gives you an idea of what we did. It looks great and we are both really happy with how it turned out.

We are so lucky to have been given a crib, changing table, and a ton of other stuff. Today we bought the baskets on the changing table, the changing pad, and a few other things. Seems like I am getting over my fear of Babies R Us and apparently not a moment too soon.

This picture is a little dark, but the elephant on top is my absolute favorite thing. I bought him in Santa Cruz and I can't wait to see Tiny Sheff dragging him around by his ear.

I still can't believe that we are going to have a baby in this room soon. The hus and I have both walked by the room and just stared in disbelief. I think we are pretty much ready now, but are new parents ever really "ready" or "prepared"?

This picture was taken at 34 weeks! I am 35 1/2 weeks now. I am officially delivering at the UCSD Birthing Center with a group of midwives. They are amazing and are 100% on board with the type of delivery we want.

Nanna will be making the drive as soon as we call her. Hopefully that will be within the next 6 weeks!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Petunia and 50 DAYS & counting!

It happened, it finally happened. For those of you you know me well enough, you know that I LOVE handbags but that I tend to keep and use them for a long time. I'm in a constant struggle with myself to spend or not to spend good hard-earned $$ on a new handbag.

For years I have known that when I was to get a diaper/baby bag I wanted a Petunia Picklebottom. They are the damn cutest bags, are made in my second hometown (Ventura) and well they are just cutest damn thing I have ever seen. Well, Aunt Vicki did it again! I am now the lucky and very proud owner of a Petunia Picklebottom "Moon Over Mykonos" bag!

Isn't she beautiful? I know, I know, it will soon be full of diapers, bottles, wipes, clothes and many other things but for the next 7 weeks or so I will admire the pure beauty!
Today marks 33 weeks and only a mere 50 days to go! 50 days, really 50 days? I think that ticker over in the right hand corner just stresses me out even more. We haven't started the room, the hus doesn't have the "vision" yet (whatever that means), I am sure we need a million things before he is born but it will happen in time I guess.
I'm off to do more important things like make a loaf of banana bread, two loaves of zucchini bread and granola. Some woman nest by cleaning, not me. I nest by baking up a storm and painting the downstairs bathroom. Maybe someday I will think about painting Tiny's room and maybe we will agree on a name too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A month, a month ... has it really been a month?

Yes, sir that is my baby belly!

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long. Makes me feel like failed blogger, but man have we been busy. Oh and I am trying to sleep at any point possible! Sleep is wonderful and I have a feeling that in not too long I won't be getting a lot of it!

Last weekend I was up in Santa Cruz (well Capitola) at my mom's house for a baby shower. With 13 of my favorite people in attendance we eat Chinese Chicken salad, veggies in Dill Dip, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes and drank strawberry Bellini's! PURE HEAVEN! During the shower all I kept thinking was "this isn't really for me; I'm not that pregnant; OMG it is for me ... I am at that pregnant"! As of Friday I will be a whopping 30 WEEKS pregnant. That has got to be some sort of major milestone!

We started our birthing classes and I am so happy with Hypnobirthing with Jo. It is truly amazing, so relaxing and has given me the confidence to birth my baby the natural way!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two and a half Generations

My dad came down to visit this week and we were able to fit in quite a few fun things. While I worked, my dad hung out, read some football official info, enjoyed Starbucks, walked along the beach and walked the stupid hills of our neighborhood!

We went down to Balboa Park for a little Father/Daughter/Grandson to be bonding. The Natural History Museum had a special exhibit of The Bodies! I've wanted to see it for years so we made a day of it. The exhibit was truly amazing and educational. I stared at the fetuses for the longest time and couldn't believe that I am actually carrying something that size! Our little guy looks like a little man!

Yesterday we headed down to Del Mar for lunch at one of my dad's favorite beach front restaurants. It was 100% clear and warm (you never know what you are going to get down here in June). My dad seems so relaxed and at peace when he is inhaling ocean air and enjoying some amazing fish!

We love you dad/papa!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

24 weeks ...

I didn't really think I would be so good about taking pics of the belly every few weeks. It might have to stop if I keep growing at this rate! The hus says that I still don't look pregnant from behind and I have been able to keep running, okay well maybe jogging.

On Friday, my official 6 month mark I went for a 2.5 mile run down by the beach. Needless to say I found myself pacing my run by bathrooms and pit stops but I still did it. These days I definitely get looks from people when they see my belly coming down the running path. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up for at least 10 more weeks. Running until 34 weeks is the current goal!

We also made the final decision to hire a doula. I'm so excited to have her!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is that a National Championship Basketball under your shirt?

Nope, not a basketball under that shirt but a healthy boy at 23 weeks 2 days! The hus and I watched the Laker's win yet another National Championship and Tiny "enjoyed" his first Laker Championship win as well. I have a feeling that this will not be his last!

I will be sure to post some official belly shots on Friday when I will be 24 weeks. That is so crazy to me, only 16ish weeks to go. This is going too fast now and I want it to slow down. You couldn't have paid me to say that in the first trimester!

The last few nights Tiny has been going crazy when I get into bed, moving around, kicking and I think I felt the first unidentifiable body part just to the left of my belly button. The hus and I watch my belly jump up and down and it never gets old. Who needs to pay for entertainment when you have a party going on in your belly at 11pm at night. Luckily Tiny has not woken me up with kicks, jabs or 180 degree turns. Maybe this is a sign that he will be a sleeper ... this new mom-to-be can dream, right?

We registered this weekend as well. Now that was one overwhelming experience to say the least! I am sure that I have forgotten a million things I should add, but I have a very short attention span at BRU. Last night we went to REI to look at the BOB stroller again and we are totally sold. It even comes with quick release tires which I know was added for all of those geeky bike dads like the hus. If he has quick release tires, shouldn't his son? I can't wait until Tiny and I go on our first run together.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Got Milk? No Monkeys please!

Thought it was due time (no pun intended) to have a blog post about this crazy thing called pregnancy that I am going through.

I've been so lucky to never get physically sick (thank god), but man have I been tired and tired like I have never been. Luckily this has passed but by the end of the day I am ready for the couch and when I climb into bed I give the hus a run for his falling asleep money. We are both out before our heads hit the pillows.

Pillows - I just can't get enough of them! Currently I sleep with 4, yes 4 pillows a night. Soon there won't be room for the hus in the bed. Factor in the dog, and we are packed in like sardines.

Cravings - for those of you who know me, know that I have never liked milk. In my opinion milk was only good for cereal and you better eat that cereal fast. Well, times sure have changed! I am now going through milk like a madwoman. Every night I am drinking a glass of milk with a splash of chocolate milk, have coffee in my tea in the morning and even an afternoon glass! Who am I and what is this little boy doing to me?

Movement - Just a few weeks ago I was so nervous because I hadn't felt the boy move. Well, that has changed ... really changed. He likes to remind me that he is in charge these days. The hus has felt him a few times as well. The last time I was in NY I was laying bed working and trying to balance my laptop on my expanded "lap". I looked down and my stomach was twitching which I now refer to as "alien baby".

Dumb things people say - Well this has increased hand over the fist lately. Now that it is very clear I am pregnant I have people staring at me, making comments like "let me guess you are due in early August" ... no lady and now you just made me feel huge, my dad sending me an email that said "twins" (he better have been kidding), the hus saying "your face isn't getting fat so be happy", and the list goes on! This little guy will be worth it though, I just know it!

Pregnancy Brain - has kicked in full force! There are days when I can't remember my own name. I thought this was just an excuse, but NO it is real. Like the day I couldn't find my keys because they were in my hand!

Next - we are thinking about the little guys room these days and that is as far as we have gotten. I do know the colors will from the fabric that Nanna bought for the quilt. And other things I know ... there will be NO MONKEYS in his room!

Friday, May 29, 2009

21 weeks and Counting

Well, it has happened. I 100% look pregnant and people have started staring at me around town. it is so weird to have people staring at your belly when you are so used to being able to suck it in.
Last night we had a late 20 week Anatomy Scan and got to see the little man for about 40 minutes. He is pretty darn cute and the hus has now started calling him Einstein! We were able to once again verify that is 100% boy with a perfect butt shot. Apparently he is not shy! He is measuring perfectly on date and everything looked beautiful. I was mesmerized by his little beating heart the entire time.

He has been moving around a ton now and I can actually feel it. Yesterday I went for a run and he must have done a complete flip and hit my bladder during the last 1/4 mile. At one point I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to the bathroom in time. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy ... and peeing, and eating, and sleeping.

Below are a few pictures from this morning. He was kicking away as the pictures were being taken.
21 weeks!

Watch those kicks little man!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The unconventional baby quilt

The pictures don't do the vibrant colors justice!
Our little guy is going to be nice and warm all wrapped in the quilt that Nanna is making him. Let's hope she gets her quilting skills back as it has been 5 years since she quilted anything but she is amazing at what she does! I have an awesome Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt she made me way back in Fresno.

We picked out fabric while we were together in Sisters, Oregon last week. Of course I didn't pick anything traditional - nothing with trucks, sporting equipment, rubber duckies, frogs or sailor-ish for our guy. The fabric is now the inspiration for his future room. We are a family of solid color lovers with lots of accent walls and his room will be no different. Chances are he will hate it in his later years but we will deal with that when it comes to blows.

Yeah for babies, yeah for quilts, yeah for little boys rooms, and definitely yeah for Nanna's. Now the countdown starts - will the little guy have his new cuddly quilt by the time he is born? By his six month birthday? By his first birthday? Only the Nanna knows.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Bad Belly Mama!

17 weeks exactly!
Only 23 more to go, give or take a few ... most likely give!

So after looking at these pictures I'm not as big as I feel! Must all be in my head ... and other places.

This weekend I went for a bike ride with the hus, a not so flat hike on Sunday and then we headed down the beach for lunch. We even fit in a little shopping at the outlets in Carlsbad. The hus will do almost anything to get out of cleaning the house. Hopefully the "nesting" thing starts soon because the house is starting to look pretty bad.

Made some granola last night, making some banana bread today ... ahhh, I am feeling like the old Sheff these days.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is This Real? Am I going to be a mom?

So I think this pregnancy thing is starting to hit me. I've heard the heartbeat three times, seen the little guy via ultrasounds a ton of time and up until this week it just didn't seem real. My mom - Nanna - bought me a few things and they are now hanging in the closet. Apparently clothes in a closet = reality for me!

The hus seems more and more excited each day. He is going to be a DAD ... a DAD of the child we created together. Guess this still hasn't sunk in!

Last weekend we went to visit my aunt and uncle in the mountains on Oregon. We had a spectacular time and I didn't want to leave. My aunt is an amazing cook and I now look like I am pregnant because of all the food I ate over the course of the weekend. The hus fished and fished and fished but he got skunked. The water was moving fast, it was damn cold and just too much water. Those fish weren't dumb enough to swim to the surface.

I went out of the river in a McKenzie Drift boat with the hus and my uncle, went on a zipline, did a little shopping and celebrated the hus's birthday. He is now the proud owner of an i-pod Touch. Now he is never going to talk to me at night. He does love it though.

Just a few more pics from our trip to the Bridge. We hope to go back before the little guy is born!

When I get brave enough I will post some belly pics!