Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Bad Belly Mama!

17 weeks exactly!
Only 23 more to go, give or take a few ... most likely give!

So after looking at these pictures I'm not as big as I feel! Must all be in my head ... and other places.

This weekend I went for a bike ride with the hus, a not so flat hike on Sunday and then we headed down the beach for lunch. We even fit in a little shopping at the outlets in Carlsbad. The hus will do almost anything to get out of cleaning the house. Hopefully the "nesting" thing starts soon because the house is starting to look pretty bad.

Made some granola last night, making some banana bread today ... ahhh, I am feeling like the old Sheff these days.


Hillary said...

So that is what my belly looks like most days...awesome. Heading to the gym right now.

Chantel said...

Okay, so I'm finally checking in on your blog, since you are clearly ignoring me on the family website ;-) You still look amazing! No surprise, you're in great shape. Glad to read that you are feeling more like yourself these days. Gonna have to wait for a couple more weeks to make my gender guess. Keep us folks on the family website posted too! I love following the pregnancies (especially the first one)..such an exciting time for everyone. Gonna wander around your postings and see if there are any ultrasound pics.

simplyme said...

Eeeee! You are still so tiny! I love the mini bump! I can't believe you are almost 1/2 way...your pregnancy is going by so fast! Have I told you how excited I am? I am so excited for you and the hubs!

a girl with an opinion said...

belly? bump? lady that is the cutest little bump ever...bring on the boy!