Friday, May 29, 2009

21 weeks and Counting

Well, it has happened. I 100% look pregnant and people have started staring at me around town. it is so weird to have people staring at your belly when you are so used to being able to suck it in.
Last night we had a late 20 week Anatomy Scan and got to see the little man for about 40 minutes. He is pretty darn cute and the hus has now started calling him Einstein! We were able to once again verify that is 100% boy with a perfect butt shot. Apparently he is not shy! He is measuring perfectly on date and everything looked beautiful. I was mesmerized by his little beating heart the entire time.

He has been moving around a ton now and I can actually feel it. Yesterday I went for a run and he must have done a complete flip and hit my bladder during the last 1/4 mile. At one point I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to the bathroom in time. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy ... and peeing, and eating, and sleeping.

Below are a few pictures from this morning. He was kicking away as the pictures were being taken.
21 weeks!

Watch those kicks little man!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The unconventional baby quilt

The pictures don't do the vibrant colors justice!
Our little guy is going to be nice and warm all wrapped in the quilt that Nanna is making him. Let's hope she gets her quilting skills back as it has been 5 years since she quilted anything but she is amazing at what she does! I have an awesome Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt she made me way back in Fresno.

We picked out fabric while we were together in Sisters, Oregon last week. Of course I didn't pick anything traditional - nothing with trucks, sporting equipment, rubber duckies, frogs or sailor-ish for our guy. The fabric is now the inspiration for his future room. We are a family of solid color lovers with lots of accent walls and his room will be no different. Chances are he will hate it in his later years but we will deal with that when it comes to blows.

Yeah for babies, yeah for quilts, yeah for little boys rooms, and definitely yeah for Nanna's. Now the countdown starts - will the little guy have his new cuddly quilt by the time he is born? By his six month birthday? By his first birthday? Only the Nanna knows.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Bad Belly Mama!

17 weeks exactly!
Only 23 more to go, give or take a few ... most likely give!

So after looking at these pictures I'm not as big as I feel! Must all be in my head ... and other places.

This weekend I went for a bike ride with the hus, a not so flat hike on Sunday and then we headed down the beach for lunch. We even fit in a little shopping at the outlets in Carlsbad. The hus will do almost anything to get out of cleaning the house. Hopefully the "nesting" thing starts soon because the house is starting to look pretty bad.

Made some granola last night, making some banana bread today ... ahhh, I am feeling like the old Sheff these days.