Monday, December 6, 2010

What a family!

Just a little sneak peek at our first family pictures!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lovin' the evening walk

Can you see all those teeth? Yes, it has finally happened. Our little vampire has grown himself some more teeth. Just take a look at all those chompers. Luckily he is being nice to mama with his new front teeth.

Big news around here ... Q is sleeping like a champ. I was so nervous to put it in writing thinking that I might jinx myself, but it is official Q is a sleeping maniac. It only took about 10.5 months but it is so glorious to sleep through the night again.

During the last month Q was able to spend a lot of time with family and friends. I wish it could have been under better circumstances, but at least we got to spend lots of quality time with Auntie Coco and Nanna. Finally my boy has spent some time in Capitola. I sure hope we can spend a lot more time there next summer.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My little Vampire

All my mama wants is my two front teeth!
I couldn't help but post this picture. It is one of my all time favorites and just look at those fangs! Has anyone ever seen a set of teeth like these? We are so lucky to have such a happy, happy boy. He is always smiling, usually laughing and always on the move.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Q's 9 month Stats

Last Thursday Quin turned 9 months and we went to Mammoth to celebrate ... okay not exactly to celebrate but it sure was good timing!

The Q man's stats stack up like this:
~Weight - just about 22lbs
~Height - I have no idea
~I think he is going to be left-handed
~He can give you High-Five
~Still a bfing champ with no end in sight
~He loves to feed himself - especially avocado, zucchini and carrots. He also likes sweet potato, applesauce, peaches and butternut squash
~He has finally slept through the night (this is hands down the most exciting thing to happen around here in 9 months)
~Has four teeth, two bottom and two fangs!
~He loves to laugh at Jake and torment the poor old dog
~He is a very happy baby boy with big smiles all the time

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Q's 1st Road trip

This morning we headed out for Quin's first ROAD TRIP! We made it to Mammoth with hardly a peep out of the boy. He played, ate, napped, played some more. We couldn't have asked for a better baby boy in the car. Just a few months ago we couldn't drive down the street without Quin screaming his head off. We have come SO far.

Our plan is to introduce Quin to his namesake river this weekend. I'll be sure to post a few pictures!

The boy is starting to stir from his nap!

A happy vacationing family

Friday, June 25, 2010

Am I seeing DOUBLE?

Quin loves hanging out in his mommy's office. His favorite thing is to make-out with himself in the mirror! You gotta love this little guy. He makes me smile, laugh and exhausted every single day.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wacky week of Fun

What a bunch we are! Last week I was lucky enough to have my mom, sister, niece and nephew in town. This is just a teaser picture from an early evening at Moonlight Beach! We had such a wonderful time with everyone and Quin can't get used to the quiet at our house now. He loved having Brooke and Michael to entertain him, help feed him and love on him.

Corey, Nanna, Brooke and Michael did some serious activities in the short time they were here : Disneyland, San Diego Zoo (Quin and I joined as well), we saw Shrek 3, Balboa Park - Natural History Museum & Railroad Museum, Sea World and the beach. No trip to CA would be complete without Corey getting In N Out and enjoying some real Mexican food.

We had a great time but it was so hard to see them all go. I so badly wish we had family closer! Guess we will have to get Quin on a plane and out to NC pretty soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Daddy Daycare

If it is Monday, it is Daddy Day at our house! Q enjoyed a day with daddy while mommy was away at work. The boys hit up the mall and Q came home with something called "crawlers". Apparently The Gap sells pants for babes on the move. Q is really interested in being mobile and I sure hope he doesn't get the hang of it for a few months. Ha, a mama can dream!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


A few months back I was selected to be an official tester of a very cool new baby product, The Puj Tub! With everything we have had going on the review didn't get written but man do I love this tub. And they picked ME and my darling boy (see previous post of my pudgy man) to test out their light, slim, easy to store new tub.

Well, Quin loves it, I love it and that is all that matters. The Puj Tub claims to fit a baby up to 6 months. Quin is now 5 months but it appears that he is off the growth charts. Guess what? As long as the sink is big enough the Puj Tub is perfect. We have also found a variety of other uses for it. Yours truly has used it for myself in the tub as a slip-proof back rest. Once again, it is perfect!

Pictures are coming so stayed tuned!

Your favorite Puj Tub tester,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Q's first Photo Session

Nanna came this week and we surprised Daddy with pics of Q. He was in such a great mood and had a great time. Of course now I want ALL of them! Keep in mind there were some great blackmail pictures that I will be able to use when Q is older!

The one above is my personal favorite. It really captured his personality and the fact that he is wearing the hat that Daddy bought him when he was 6 days old makes it even better.

I could just eat him up!

Yes, my son has man-boobs! He is a VERY healthy boy.


Just relaxing ...

My sweet little Quin. Mommy loves you more than you know. I hope you always have your sparkly eyes.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Story Time for little Q

This afternoon mommy took me to Story Time at the Carlsbad library. Before she made me sing silly songs, read books about puppies and clap my hands, we had coffee with some of my friends. My friends are all from my Babies In Bloom Breastfeeding Support Group. Because of my friends (and their mommy's) my mommy kept breastfeeding me. If you notice, I am one of the biggest, chubbiest babes in the lineup! Keep in mind that I am the youngest!

My friends (from left to right) Angelina, Pete, Enzo and ME!

I have been growing like a mad man! Mommy weighed me yesterday and I was 16lbs, 9oz. I have officially doubled my weight but height is not on my side (have you seen my parents?). My four month birthday is coming up soon. Have I really been around that long? I'll tell my mom to update my stats after my 4 month checkup.

Mommy is having a hard time coming to terms with going back to work. She wants to stay home with me so we can do fun things like Story Time, walking with my friends, going to coffee, going to the movies and so many other things. I want her to be with my all-day everyday too.

With love,

Baby Q