Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Duck Hunt and Mouse Trap

No not the 80's video game and 80's board game, we are talking real life here. Last week I headed up to the Sacramento area to spend some time with my dad and work a conference. Before I left the hus decided to launch an all out assault on the little furry effers in our garage. Normally the fierce Jake takes down the mice. it might take him a few days, but he gets them. Well apparently they have either multiplied or Jake just doesn't care anymore.We got serious when driving down to have dinner with some friends when we see a mouse pop his head out from under the roof of the car. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Enter the hus and a few mouse traps. For those of you who love animals and want to humanely get rid of a mouse problem, STOP READING. Once you see mouse poop and pee in your garage you will change your mind. So the first day the hus catches one, the second day the hus catches another - he is so proud. The third day, the cheese is gone, the trap has released but no mouse. GAME ON! Bring it on, we are ready to take you out.

The hus was gone over the weekend and I couldn't handle the task myself. So he set yet another trap on Sunday night, released/cheese gone/no mouse. Monday night same deal. I think the man is now going to stay up and hunt the little effer tonight. He is MAD now.

So while the hus was busy on varmint patrol I was up with my dad enjoying his company, watching AI, a walk around a lake by his house - it happened. We are enjoying a walk/run and a damn goose started hissing at me and started to run after me. This is unfortunately not the first time this has happened. These are MEAN geese and apparently they are now breeding. Can you imagine the site ... me enjoying a casual jog, goose hissing, goose running, Amy running even faster. Stupid goose!

Sometimes I just hate wildlife.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preparing for Wordless Wednesday

Alright so all of my post lately have been about Leah, have included Leah or are inspired by Leah. Well this one is no different, except it includes some of my other favorite people. My AS's in NY and of course DQ and I am not talking about Dairy Queen. What they all live in the same state ... and that state is all the way across the country from me. Well, that sucks.

Leah and B have been posting weekly posts called Wordless Wednesday. Just a pic and nothing else. Well I will be starting tomorrow - thanks Lee-Lee. These are going to be good for the next few weeks!

So how do my favorite people from NYC fit into tomorrows Wordless Wednesday? Well they helped me track it down (more than once at more than one location), they also enjoy them and we could talk about them for hours. They are true friends and will be thanked for years to come in so many ways.

Stay tuned ...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Love me some LEAH

I was lucky enough to spend a little bit of quality time with Leah a few weeks ago. She truly means the world to me and has seen me through the ups, downs, lefts and the rights. Her friendship is incredible and her only fault ... she lives 3,000 miles away.

During this trip out to CA she was taking the CA Bar with hopes of moving back! Better and her better half B (as I like to call them) are looking at Los Angeles and SAN DIEGO! That means that for the first time in 13-ish years we could be living in the same county. I'm not going to be greedy I just want her back in CA and I want to make B as good of a friend as Leah.

We dined in style in Laguna Beach with her mom (my 2nd mom) and Michelle. I had a great time and tears were shed more than once by more than one person.

Now Leah and I have to make a date to go to Pageant of the Master's. This is so damn cool and the epitome of Living Art. Every ninety minutes the "art" switches and people pose to look exactly the same as a famous piece of art. These can even be 100's of people large. For those of you who think that Orange County is only silicon and MTV reality shows, think again.


Back Log of Blogging

Like always I have been a blog-slacker lately. Things have been crazy, I have been traveling, trying to stay in shape, trying to get a good mix of work/home life ... if I was ever home!

A few weeks ago in honor of one of my favorite holidays KW and I ran/walked a 4 mile St. Paddy's Day Race complete with pizza and green beer at the finish line. It was a cold morning and totally overcast but we had a great time. It isn't often that we have so much time to spend talking with each other. The hus's were supposed to go golfing but instead they scoped out a breakfast joint. Much better if you ask me.

Oh the t-shirt is way cute too!

Signing up for some St. Paddy's Day Runnin'! This picture makes it look so really and serious. It was only 4 miles but I felt like I was committing to much more. Gotta do my Irish heritage right!

Amy & KW pre-race. It looks like we are the only ones there but really there were a TON of people there. And yes, the person who won the 10K finished before we finished our 4 miles. I'm okay with that though.

Oh yes, we got medals too! And two very proud husbands even though they made fun of us for walking! What were they doing? Drinking coffee of course.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another NC shot!

I love these ladies so much! Just wish my sis was in the picture too. I miss my Brooke-y and Mom too. Why do we all have to live so far away?