Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preparing for Wordless Wednesday

Alright so all of my post lately have been about Leah, have included Leah or are inspired by Leah. Well this one is no different, except it includes some of my other favorite people. My AS's in NY and of course DQ and I am not talking about Dairy Queen. What they all live in the same state ... and that state is all the way across the country from me. Well, that sucks.

Leah and B have been posting weekly posts called Wordless Wednesday. Just a pic and nothing else. Well I will be starting tomorrow - thanks Lee-Lee. These are going to be good for the next few weeks!

So how do my favorite people from NYC fit into tomorrows Wordless Wednesday? Well they helped me track it down (more than once at more than one location), they also enjoy them and we could talk about them for hours. They are true friends and will be thanked for years to come in so many ways.

Stay tuned ...

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NineDaves.com said...

awwwwww. you'll always be my top sheff!