Monday, March 23, 2009

Love me some LEAH

I was lucky enough to spend a little bit of quality time with Leah a few weeks ago. She truly means the world to me and has seen me through the ups, downs, lefts and the rights. Her friendship is incredible and her only fault ... she lives 3,000 miles away.

During this trip out to CA she was taking the CA Bar with hopes of moving back! Better and her better half B (as I like to call them) are looking at Los Angeles and SAN DIEGO! That means that for the first time in 13-ish years we could be living in the same county. I'm not going to be greedy I just want her back in CA and I want to make B as good of a friend as Leah.

We dined in style in Laguna Beach with her mom (my 2nd mom) and Michelle. I had a great time and tears were shed more than once by more than one person.

Now Leah and I have to make a date to go to Pageant of the Master's. This is so damn cool and the epitome of Living Art. Every ninety minutes the "art" switches and people pose to look exactly the same as a famous piece of art. These can even be 100's of people large. For those of you who think that Orange County is only silicon and MTV reality shows, think again.



Brenda said...

I love me some Leah, too. I can't wait to be better friends :) We'll be there soon.

Journal of a ____ said...

OK, I am coming...soon. Have any job prospects for me? Thanks for the sweet post. You are so special to me!