Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Duck Hunt and Mouse Trap

No not the 80's video game and 80's board game, we are talking real life here. Last week I headed up to the Sacramento area to spend some time with my dad and work a conference. Before I left the hus decided to launch an all out assault on the little furry effers in our garage. Normally the fierce Jake takes down the mice. it might take him a few days, but he gets them. Well apparently they have either multiplied or Jake just doesn't care anymore.We got serious when driving down to have dinner with some friends when we see a mouse pop his head out from under the roof of the car. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Enter the hus and a few mouse traps. For those of you who love animals and want to humanely get rid of a mouse problem, STOP READING. Once you see mouse poop and pee in your garage you will change your mind. So the first day the hus catches one, the second day the hus catches another - he is so proud. The third day, the cheese is gone, the trap has released but no mouse. GAME ON! Bring it on, we are ready to take you out.

The hus was gone over the weekend and I couldn't handle the task myself. So he set yet another trap on Sunday night, released/cheese gone/no mouse. Monday night same deal. I think the man is now going to stay up and hunt the little effer tonight. He is MAD now.

So while the hus was busy on varmint patrol I was up with my dad enjoying his company, watching AI, a walk around a lake by his house - it happened. We are enjoying a walk/run and a damn goose started hissing at me and started to run after me. This is unfortunately not the first time this has happened. These are MEAN geese and apparently they are now breeding. Can you imagine the site ... me enjoying a casual jog, goose hissing, goose running, Amy running even faster. Stupid goose!

Sometimes I just hate wildlife.


Brenda said...

Hahahaha. Great post. I am putting mouse traps in the attic because I am tired of hearing them run around up there. So tell the hus to use peanut butter. It sticks better and can't be pulled off.

Amy said...

We already had a mouse steal peanut butter of the traps! We have now moved onto pepper jack cheese and have caught three of the nasty things!

simplyme said...

I love the visual image of you being chased my hissing geese! Those things are rude! :-)