Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Story Time for little Q

This afternoon mommy took me to Story Time at the Carlsbad library. Before she made me sing silly songs, read books about puppies and clap my hands, we had coffee with some of my friends. My friends are all from my Babies In Bloom Breastfeeding Support Group. Because of my friends (and their mommy's) my mommy kept breastfeeding me. If you notice, I am one of the biggest, chubbiest babes in the lineup! Keep in mind that I am the youngest!

My friends (from left to right) Angelina, Pete, Enzo and ME!

I have been growing like a mad man! Mommy weighed me yesterday and I was 16lbs, 9oz. I have officially doubled my weight but height is not on my side (have you seen my parents?). My four month birthday is coming up soon. Have I really been around that long? I'll tell my mom to update my stats after my 4 month checkup.

Mommy is having a hard time coming to terms with going back to work. She wants to stay home with me so we can do fun things like Story Time, walking with my friends, going to coffee, going to the movies and so many other things. I want her to be with my all-day everyday too.

With love,

Baby Q

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