Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Q's 9 month Stats

Last Thursday Quin turned 9 months and we went to Mammoth to celebrate ... okay not exactly to celebrate but it sure was good timing!

The Q man's stats stack up like this:
~Weight - just about 22lbs
~Height - I have no idea
~I think he is going to be left-handed
~He can give you High-Five
~Still a bfing champ with no end in sight
~He loves to feed himself - especially avocado, zucchini and carrots. He also likes sweet potato, applesauce, peaches and butternut squash
~He has finally slept through the night (this is hands down the most exciting thing to happen around here in 9 months)
~Has four teeth, two bottom and two fangs!
~He loves to laugh at Jake and torment the poor old dog
~He is a very happy baby boy with big smiles all the time

1 comment:

NineDaves said...

quin's going to be a southpaw? that's the most exciting thing about him i've heard yet! left-handed pride!!!