Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two and a half Generations

My dad came down to visit this week and we were able to fit in quite a few fun things. While I worked, my dad hung out, read some football official info, enjoyed Starbucks, walked along the beach and walked the stupid hills of our neighborhood!

We went down to Balboa Park for a little Father/Daughter/Grandson to be bonding. The Natural History Museum had a special exhibit of The Bodies! I've wanted to see it for years so we made a day of it. The exhibit was truly amazing and educational. I stared at the fetuses for the longest time and couldn't believe that I am actually carrying something that size! Our little guy looks like a little man!

Yesterday we headed down to Del Mar for lunch at one of my dad's favorite beach front restaurants. It was 100% clear and warm (you never know what you are going to get down here in June). My dad seems so relaxed and at peace when he is inhaling ocean air and enjoying some amazing fish!

We love you dad/papa!

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