Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Got Milk? No Monkeys please!

Thought it was due time (no pun intended) to have a blog post about this crazy thing called pregnancy that I am going through.

I've been so lucky to never get physically sick (thank god), but man have I been tired and tired like I have never been. Luckily this has passed but by the end of the day I am ready for the couch and when I climb into bed I give the hus a run for his falling asleep money. We are both out before our heads hit the pillows.

Pillows - I just can't get enough of them! Currently I sleep with 4, yes 4 pillows a night. Soon there won't be room for the hus in the bed. Factor in the dog, and we are packed in like sardines.

Cravings - for those of you who know me, know that I have never liked milk. In my opinion milk was only good for cereal and you better eat that cereal fast. Well, times sure have changed! I am now going through milk like a madwoman. Every night I am drinking a glass of milk with a splash of chocolate milk, have coffee in my tea in the morning and even an afternoon glass! Who am I and what is this little boy doing to me?

Movement - Just a few weeks ago I was so nervous because I hadn't felt the boy move. Well, that has changed ... really changed. He likes to remind me that he is in charge these days. The hus has felt him a few times as well. The last time I was in NY I was laying bed working and trying to balance my laptop on my expanded "lap". I looked down and my stomach was twitching which I now refer to as "alien baby".

Dumb things people say - Well this has increased hand over the fist lately. Now that it is very clear I am pregnant I have people staring at me, making comments like "let me guess you are due in early August" ... no lady and now you just made me feel huge, my dad sending me an email that said "twins" (he better have been kidding), the hus saying "your face isn't getting fat so be happy", and the list goes on! This little guy will be worth it though, I just know it!

Pregnancy Brain - has kicked in full force! There are days when I can't remember my own name. I thought this was just an excuse, but NO it is real. Like the day I couldn't find my keys because they were in my hand!

Next - we are thinking about the little guys room these days and that is as far as we have gotten. I do know the colors will from the fabric that Nanna bought for the quilt. And other things I know ... there will be NO MONKEYS in his room!


Journal of a ____ said...

Thanks for the updates! I love hearing about these things.

simplyme said...

Oh, you know saying "No monkeys" means you are getting monkeys! ;-)

I love your post! I love the update! You are on the downhill slide...Wahoo!!!