Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is that a National Championship Basketball under your shirt?

Nope, not a basketball under that shirt but a healthy boy at 23 weeks 2 days! The hus and I watched the Laker's win yet another National Championship and Tiny "enjoyed" his first Laker Championship win as well. I have a feeling that this will not be his last!

I will be sure to post some official belly shots on Friday when I will be 24 weeks. That is so crazy to me, only 16ish weeks to go. This is going too fast now and I want it to slow down. You couldn't have paid me to say that in the first trimester!

The last few nights Tiny has been going crazy when I get into bed, moving around, kicking and I think I felt the first unidentifiable body part just to the left of my belly button. The hus and I watch my belly jump up and down and it never gets old. Who needs to pay for entertainment when you have a party going on in your belly at 11pm at night. Luckily Tiny has not woken me up with kicks, jabs or 180 degree turns. Maybe this is a sign that he will be a sleeper ... this new mom-to-be can dream, right?

We registered this weekend as well. Now that was one overwhelming experience to say the least! I am sure that I have forgotten a million things I should add, but I have a very short attention span at BRU. Last night we went to REI to look at the BOB stroller again and we are totally sold. It even comes with quick release tires which I know was added for all of those geeky bike dads like the hus. If he has quick release tires, shouldn't his son? I can't wait until Tiny and I go on our first run together.


MLaumakis said...


We have a jogger stroller for you. It's in great shape.


Alicia said...

Look at that belly! You look great!

simplyme said...

You really do have a baby in there! Your belly is TOO cute!