Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just treats around here

Quin at his Halloween breastfeeding Support Group. He peed on his outfit so I had to just drape it over him! we call him "Ghost Boxer"!
Today is Quin's first Halloween! I had two really cute outfits, a ghost gown (thanks Nicole) and a "Baby's First Halloween" onesie (thanks Tamara) ... well our little guy managed to poop and pee on them both yesterday and every other time I put him in them. There must be something about those outfits.

So today instead of wearing a cute Halloween outfit he is wearing a Small Paul outfit from Auntie Vicki. At one point today as he was getting upset about something I looked down and he had the same look on his face as the monkey on his shirt. Once again, I wish I had the camera. There have been so many times in the last three weeks that I wished I had a camera but was just too damn tired to find one.

Just think next Halloween I will have a little man running around the house in a real outfit. It is hard to think that far in advance when I am still trying to make it through each day.

Finally feedings are going better. We had a hard go of it, but I am hoping that we have turned the corner AGAIN. At least we don't have to worry about Quin's weight. He is a whopping 9.5lbs. He has gained a pound and a half since he was born and has grown over an inch. At this rate we are going to have a mammoth man on our hands!

We will try to be better about posting pictures of Q (as we are now calling him). He is changing everyday. I just looked back at the pictures from the day he was born and I can't believe how different he looks and acts.

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