Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bake 'em up

Most of you know that I dream of running away with the Gypsies most days and now I have something to add to it!

Do Gypsies eat baked goods? Dammit, they better! I now plan on running away with the Gypsies and opening up a bakery ... a girls gotta dream! My friend Alicia who lives in Oregon is on board, but now we just have to make it happen! She is so freakin' funny and keeps me entertained with "pain in the ass husband stories" and last night she experienced a 3 P's night. Her baby peed, puked and pooped on her all at 4am! She really needs a bakery!

Anybody want to buy a house in San Diego so I can runaway and eat lemon bars, banana bread (damn good recipe Alicia), cookies and cupcakes all day long!

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