Sunday, October 28, 2007

LET ME BE! Said Denis

Thought it was necessary to have an entry about what the hell is happening in San Diego. First and foremost ... we are okay and our house is still standing!

I was in New York all week for work and thank God! My mom told Denis that she was happy that I was gone because I would have been a freak running around the house barking orders, packing the house, and driving Denis crazy ... which I still managed to do!

Denis and Jake were never evacuated, but on Monday we had Ronnie, Celeste, the twins, Lee Ann, Corey, Cheryl, Cody, Corey Junior, Lara, Tom and four dogs at our house. It sure sounded like a "Fire Party" to me! Of course I called a million times and Denis kept telling me to "Let Me Be". He didn't like the fact that I told him to put food for Jake in the car, pack up our home owners policy, grab our passports and pictures. He did however think it was really funny to tell me twice that he couldn't talk because he was being evacuated ... NOT A FUNNY JOKE!

I came home yesterday and as I was landing I could see flames out the plane window. My stomach dropped, but I was lucky enough to be sitting by a Red Cross Relief Worker. We had a little bit of drizzle last night, but this morning OMG! The smoke is so thick and disgusting. The wind is blowing again and we will probably be inhaling this crap for a week!

Oh Southern California ... what more could you want?

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