Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sitting in a Tree - but it's only a pepper

Last Saturday on our way to breakfast the hus stopped by a cute little park in Encinitas (our former place of residence). There was a guy in a tree, yes a guy in a tree! Apparently the city of Encinitas is in the process of cutting down trees in the park to give condo owners a better ocean view.

Well a resident decided that he didn't like the decision and made himself a little "treehouse". I was expecting much more of a treehouse and a much bigger tree, kind of like the crazys who live in the old growth Redwood trees in northern California. Not this one! It was about 16 feet tall and not a lot going on. Now this tree has been in the park for some years and the city promises to replace all the trees they cut down 2-1. I am a treehugger like the rest of us, but it was pretty funny to see the guy in the tree.

He is on day 4 almost 5 so I give him props. But like the hus said "what does he do when he has to poo?". Ponder that in blogland!


NineDaves.com said...

the treehouses in madison square park have bathrooms.

Amy said...

Encinitas is SO not as cool as Manhattan! The treehouses in MSP are also very hip and tin-y! This guys ... not so much.