Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh Jake-jake

Last night we spent our last few hours with our loving Jakey-boy. The old guy was 13.5 years old but nobody in this house was ready to say goodbye. Luckily he went really fast and didn't seem to suffer. Yesterday when I was leaving for work he was out hunting, peeing on all of his favorite trees, and eating Q's breakfast that made it onto the floor. A perfect morning for our lovable flatcoat!

Jake came into my life as a package deal with Denis. So everyday that Denis and I have spent together has included the puppy dog eyes above. I am so happy that I got to spend 9 years with Jakenstein Applesauce. In his last 19 months he was the best big brother to little Q. He was so patient, loving and damn he just put up with a toddler pulling his tail, wanting to give him kisses and he always had a little one on hand to give him a "Jakey nummi".

There won't be a day when we won't think about Jake. Love you


Bliss said...

Aww god bless, hes beautiful. xx

Laura H said...

Jake was such an awesome dog. So sorry for your loss.

Sujay said...

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