Monday, April 28, 2008

LDR's? It just means it got away!

Denis and I are coming off of one of the best vacations we have had in the past few years! To celebrate Denis' birthday we headed up to Mammoth Lakes, CA with Jeff and Tamara. The four of us haven't been away together on a vacation in probably 4 years. Believe me the four of us together can be a dangerous match!

Thursday - Denis 0 Fish "Sucka" & Jeff 0 Fish "Sucka"
The man got skunked!
On Thursday Denis couldn't wait to throw his line in the water ... and I like a good wife pulled up a beach chair or creek chair and read a magazine. Nobody was biting so we just waited for Jeff and Tamara. Once they arrived we went out to Hot Creek and you could see the damn fish in the water ... they weren't biting either!
We had a great dinner up in Mammoth and had the best margaritas ever. Funny thing about drinking at 8,000 feet ... you get drunk really fast!
The condo was beautiful and right in the middle of the Village. We all came to find that many locals are not very thrilled with the Village or the idea of expanding the airport! The Village is VERY high-end and attempts to have the Aspen/Vail feel. The airport ... I am not even going to go there!

Friday "No Skunkn' here"
Jeff and Denis headed to fish at around 9:30am and we didn't hear from them until 7:30pm! The fish were biting, the men were catching and well we were SHOPPING!

Above are a few of the beauties! Now these men said they caught a ton of fish but there are only pics of a few of them. Both of them came home and told us that they had a lot more LDR's. You might be asking "what is a LDR?" Long Distance Release ... in laymen terms it just means the effer got away!

Saturday: Just Hanging Out!

The boys decided that they could spend some time with us on Saturday! We headed out to Tamarack Lodge which looks a little like the hotel in The Shining ... except not to creepy!

Denis and Jeff got in a snowball fightTamara and I watched and threw a few ourselvesHanging out in the Eastern Sierras

Just after this pic was taken we watched this stupid woman throw a ball to her dog and it landed in a 75% frozen lake. Of course the dog goes after it and can't get out. the next thing I see is Denis heading over to try and get the dog out of the lake! This man most definitely has a place in his heart for doggies. (Note: the dog got out and was okay ... the lady on the other hand is still stupid).

The birthday boy looking over the wine menu at Tamarack Lodge.

T relaxing at the Lodge.

Later in the day we decided to head up to the main lodge at Mammoth Mountain. Tons of people were still skiing and the weather was awesome.

We took the gondola up to 11,300 feet were you could see the back side of Yosemite. It was amazing!

As you can tell, Tamara is not so thrilled with heights!

We hope to go back soon! During our next trip we want to do a full day horseback riding trip into the back country where Denis can fish!

Happy Birthday Denis!


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