Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How does 31 cents become $4.36?

This post pains me to the core! I have been looking forward to .31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins for over a week now. It was even in my calendar for gods sake, we only had vegetables for dinner, I was calorically prepared. At 8:15pm (after watching two more rounds of stupid boxing) I dragged Denis out of the house.

He pulled up to B&R and Denis said "Oh hell no, NOT A CHANCE"! The line snaked it way out of B&R, down the strip mall concrete and more people were getting in line ever second. Good God, it is 55 degrees outside tonight. My dream of GMR (gold medal ribbon) was smashed into smithereens as I pulled out of the parking lot.

Now if I would have been by myself I would have waited ... the pragmatic husband, not so much.

We drove over to the frozen yogurt joint in the next strip mall and spent almost 5 freakin' dollars on mediocre frozen yogurt.
I'm crying GMR tears.

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