Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday in San Marcos - Well Carlsbad and Vista!

Not so sure why I felt the need to post about our Saturday morning when it is only 12:42pm, but I am anyway.
If anyone remembers I got MLH (my loving husband) a ocean fly-fishing rod for his birthday. MLH wanted to try it out this morning so after getting all the crap together, stopping by Starbucks, driving to the beach ... we reached nirvana. With my latte, Bon Appetit (thanks Brady) and beach chair in hand I followed MLH down to the sand. He, looking so damn cute in his waders and boots headed straight for the water while I got comfortable in my chair and opened my mag. It hit me a few minutes later ... good god are we lucky to live here or what?
Oh so back to the mag! If Bon Appetit mag doesn't inspire what does? What about three groups of married couples doing their part to save the beach? Yes, apparently the three couples in their late 60's to early 70's walk the beach in Carlsbad every morning picking up other peoples crap that they left on the beach, most of it plastic mind you.

I saw them comparing their trash picker-uppers, you know long rods with a trigger at the top and clamps at the bottom? They do this EVERY morning. I felt the need to thank them.

On the way home Denis took a not so normal exit off the freeway and I yelled at him to turn at the "Fresh, Organic Egg" sign. It has happened ... I have officially found a person who sells their own eggs and has the chickens on site. NIRVANA twice in one day? Hold onto your hats, he even gave me a bag of chicken shit for my compost bin! Yes, you guessed it NIRVANA three times in one day. I feel complete.

Tomorrow we are hosting Mother's Day for Denis' family. They wanted to eat on paper plates, but hell no! We are eating on the china and everyone will like it. Especially since they will be eating farm fresh, organic, no carbon footprint eggs!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,

Leah did that when I "took" her fishing.