Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bet you are asking "What happened on Saturday Afternoon"

Since we had such a great Saturday morning I bet you are asking what we did to top it on Saturday afternoon (okay, well I know you aren't actually asking that but humor me. You are reading our blog aren't you?)

So after the beach, eggs and my personal favorite real life chicken shit, what could we do to top it.

Look at the picture below. Denis convinced me that we now needed hybrid bikes. We already have mountain bikes and we don't necessarily ride road bikes like the millions of other yahoos around here. So we settled on:

Since next week is "Bike To Work Week" MLH will be riding to work on his new toy. How very earth friendly of him!

I, on the other hand will be on a plane to NY once again. At least I don't drive anywhere once I get there.

We took the bikes out for a little ride. It makes such a difference to have bikes actually adjusted to fit you. The seats still suck, but MLH tells me it is because of my bony butt!

Just to make the day a little bit better, I have a fresh batch of granola in the oven. I'm going to need my new bike to ride off the granola. We tend to eat it by the bucket load.

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