Saturday, September 13, 2008

Top Sheff & Co. take Manhattan (and Brooklyn)

Finally we have some pics of NY to post. We had a great time and I was able to enjoy Manhattan more than ever. I might be there every six weeks, but I never have been able to do the touristy thing!
On Sunday morning after the crazy ass storm passed we met my co-work and favorite blogger NineDaves at Friend of a Farmer. For those of you who know Denis and I well ... know that we HEART eating breakfast out. Friend of a Farmer was right up our alley. Thanks you so much Dave and Ariel (in route on the Fire Island Ferry).

After eating an amazing breakfast we jumped on the subway and went to the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. The weather was perfect and not a cloud in the sky. They say that there is a calm before the storm but apparently there is also a calm after the storm.
We had a great time and got to experience some of the best views of Manhattan from the bridge. I highly recommend everyone doing it at least once. Being born and raised in California I am partial to the Golden Gate but the Brooklyn bridge is just as impressive and you get to walk right down the middle of it.

Denis loves to take the pictures but doesn't like to be in them. He must have taken 100 pics off the bridge but we only got one of us. LAME.
This summer there is an Urban Art Show going on with 4 waterfalls throughout the harbor area. On Sunday we got to see all four of them from the bridge and DUMBO (no not the elephant for your West Coasters).
The hus took a picture from my favorite park of my office. I work on the 35th Floor. Let me tell you that building is designed to sway in storms. More than once I have sat in an office and watched the building move. NASTY feeling if I do say so myself.

Said Park puts up screens and has live feeds of the US Open every August. It is a lot of fun to sit in the park on the mock bleachers and watch some good tennis. We saw Serena take the tournament on Sunday.
Denis really does love the city and has convinced himself that he has figured out the subway system. I do love not having to rely on a car while in NY although it does feel good to come home and get in your car. We must have walked 10 miles while in NY which enabled us to eat everything in site ... man did I take advantage of that!While walking back from my birthday dinner at Lupa, I saw this building! I do love my husband ... but he is NO saint!
Birthday girl! Not too bad for 32, no makeup after a night of drinks, apps and dare I admit ... karaoke!


Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree here. The Golden Gate has nothing on the Brooklyn Bridge. One is red. The other connects the two greatest two places in the world.

- EG

NineDaves said...

i mean, clearly, i'm all for the brooklyn bridge. sunday was one of the best days i've had here in a long time. i think you should visit all the time.

Journal of a ____ said...

Love the pictures! NYC is da bomb. We really need to meet there one of these days.

AerialView said...

Friend of a Farmer, karaoke, the Brooklyn's better than Christmas. Happy New York Birthday Top Sheff!

Anonymous said... look marvelous :)