Sunday, June 8, 2008

Buy me some peanutes and cracker jack ... or at least a bottle of water!

On Friday night we were the lucky recipients for Padres field level tickets! MLH and I along with the Ronnie, Celeste and the boys headed down to Petco Park. This was the boys first time at a baseball game and they were so good. Twins aren't that hard to handle ... when you have four adults distracting them.

Just after the 4th inning MLH and Ronnie went to get food while Celeste and I wrangled the boys with Cheerios, Sweet Potato Puffs and whatever else we could find in the diaper bag. I had asked MLH for a hot dog and a drink. He came back with the hot dog but nothing to drink. I was so proud that he refused to pay $4.00 for a bottle of water, $4.50 for a soda and not to mention $9.25 for a beer. We were drinkless All. Nine. Innings.

E trying to figure out this baseball thing.

E hanging out with Denis. Notice the baseball glove in his hand!

Every time I try to take a picture of A, he opens mouth, laughs and grabs the camera

Well not every time!

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