Sunday, June 15, 2008

Malibu MOD Squad

This morning MLH and I left Ventura to head back down to San Diego. We decided to take the scenic route through Malibu and have breakfast at Coogie's. (Jill, remember Coogie's????)

We were sitting outside waiting for our table when we saw this little toe-head girl holding the door open. Her sister lightly touched her on the head and all we heard was "STOP TOUCHING ME BELLA"! She came back up to her and smacked her again and once again the little blond started yelling at her older sister. The next thing we saw was Gabrielle Reece walking out the door with the crazy little blond! Then out of nowhere ... Laird Hamilton! Now I have seen tall women, but holy $hit she was tall, thin and holding a baby. You would never have known that she had a baby 5 months ago.

The fam started walking to their Hummer, of course, and Laird walked up to these two guys in the middle of the strip mall parking lot, carrying a Gucci baby bag, of course. It looked like he was just talking to the guys for the first few seconds ... that's when it escalated. The car started backing out and Laird was walking right next to the hood noticeably pissed off. For about 30 seconds I thought he was going to pull the guy out and kick his ass. If there was some 6 foot 3, 215lb surfer on my ass I would have $hit my pants! Were we witnessing a paparazzi moment?

Gabrielle walked over and it seemed to get better (everyone at Coogie's was totally staring). Off went the fam along with the blond screamer in their fuel efficient Hummer.

Once again ... I LOVE L.A.!

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