Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Melting!

Last time I checked it was October 1st. Apparently someone forgot to alert San Marcos of the fact that it is FALL!
About a hour ago our thermometer outside in the backyard read
Yep, that is 97 degrees. This is absolutely ridiculous. I finally had to turn the AC on because it was 86 degrees in the downstairs of the house. You couldn't pay me enough to walk up those stairs right now. I bet it is something like a million degrees up there.

Please make it go away. I want to make chili and cornbread, wear my Uggs (no comments), bake to my hearts content, curl up on the couch with a blanket and a book ... not have to fill my water bottle with ice four times in a day, not sleep on top of the sheets, not watch my poor dog sprawl himself out on the tile.

Fall please come soon, I am begging you.

Sticky, Sweaty and NOT cute in San Marcos


Journal of a ____ said...

Tonight we are putting the electric blanket on the bed. Wanna trade?

Amy said...

I would love to trade! We had some cooler weather this weekend and now it is over 90 again. Lucky for us there is a Santa Ana coming this weekend. MAKE. IT. STOP.