Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Sheff on the Prairie

So this week I am out traveling once again. Back to Dayton, Ohio and add another state to my list of "visited" ... the great state of Indiana!

This afternoon after working for most of the day in Dayton I jumped in the car and drove a few short hours to Indianapolis, Indiana. As I was driving I kept noticing fields of corn, hay - real live hay, pumpkins and other crops I couldn't name. Felt like I was out on the prairie driving on the flattest, straightest road ever. Welcome to the mid-west Sheffy!

This trip isn't over yet. I'm making a stop over in Chicago later this week and then finally home. It has been a month since I have been in a hotel so I thought I would start big with 5 consecutive days in a hotel. Ahh, it almost feels like home ... minus the snoring dog and husband, smokey air (yes, San Diego is on fire again) and nasty Santa Ana's.

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Anonymous said...

Gas is $2.49/gallon in Minneapolis, we have colored leaves, and the Minnesota will definitely go blue. Just sayin'...