Monday, March 3, 2008

Here Fishy, Fishy!

This past weekend Denis headed up to Bishop for a little Guy's Fishing Trip with Jeff. Apparently they really do fish and actually catch some fish! Denis is so fascinated about fly fishing and he comes home so calm ... and I don't want to know why.

We are heading up to Mammoth with Jeff and Tamara for Denis' birthday in late April. We'll have to see how the guys like having the girls around for a fishing trip.

Denis keeps threatening to buy me a pink Sage Fly Fishing reel and rod. I would pluck those damn fish right out of the lake, give them a kiss and send them on their way.


alicia said...

You're SUPPOSED to catch the fish and send them on their way. It's called "catch-and-release." But a pink fly rod--hmmm, THAT would be sassy.

dad said...

nice fish den you must of had a good teacher