Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Top Sheff vs. the nameless Varmint

Last weekend my sweet husband bought me a fantastic gift. We were at Costco and there it sat over by the "seasonal goods" or otherwise known as "if I don't buy it now it will be gone forever" aisle of panic, a mega composter.

I have been wanting a composter for some months now. We are trying to be more environmentally friendly (much to Lara's dismay). I have been searching the Internet for the best composter, calling our waste company to see if they subsidize or give rebates for specific models, and doing what I do best obsessing over the stupid thing.

So like I said before Denis bought me the composter and put it together on Saturday morning. We spent hours in the yard on Saturday and managed to come close to filling it up. I even put an apple core, coffee grounds, egg shells in the beast that Denis named Jumbolya. Tried with all of my might to get Denis to pee in Jumbolya, but he wouldn't.

On Monday I was on the phone with a co-worker and went outside to take a look at my new obsession. Low and behold two of the four doors were off and there were suspicious little PAW PRINTS. Some little f-ing varmint(s) decided that they would snack on MY compost! I DON'T THINK SO f-ers! Game on and I am going to win this battle.

Bring it Varmint, Bring it!


Ariel said...

So what's the current score of the varmints vs. the sheffs compost battle?

Amy said...

Varmints 2 ... Sheff 0! I do have a sneaky suspicion that one of the varmints might have been Jakenstein. There was a lizard in the area yesterday and Jake attempted to take down the compost bin to get the lizard.

I will win this one though!