Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shake, Rattle and I should've just rolled

On Friday night Denis and Ronnie went out for some "man" time ... at Churchill's Pub. Because I am a BIG BABY and I hate being home alone after 11:00pm, I was a bit on edge. At about 11:45pm I went upstairs to get ready for bed and called my mom. We talked for a while and then Jake and I hit the sack. Minutes after turning off the light I heard a loud banging sound and felt the house shake! HOLY crap ... a damn earthquake! The glasses downstairs never clinked together, but Jake looked and me and I him ... we were both awake for the next hour!

On Saturday morning Denis and I headed out for a hike at Daley Ranch. We were about 4.5 miles into the very HOT hike when Denis pointed out a snake track in the dirt. Seconds later he grabbed me and then I heard it ... the RATTLE of a effing rattlesnake. As Denis tells the story I started doing the "chicken dance" and proceed to get closer to the snake. I never actually saw the snake, but Denis saw it's ugly mugly head! The rattle of that stupid snake was so effing loud and scared the shit out of me. After a few minutes we tried to walk down the trail again and that stupid snake started rattling again and once again I about peed my pants. Finally, Denis gave me the sign and I started running at full speed. If Denis would have let me I would have run the next 1.5 miles to the car.

If I would have seen that stupid rattlesnake, I would have rolled over and died.

It was a rough 24 hours!

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