Friday, August 29, 2008

In Honor of

Top Ramen's birthday earlier this week, Denis felt the need to recreate what he calls "Eggy Ramen". Oh my, I didn't think I would really be eating Top Ramen on a Friday night in my 30's. The Hus never ceases to amaze!
So for dinner Denis asked for Top Ramen (Chicken flavor), with egg, soy sauce and pepper. What??? Are you kidding me?
I have to admit I tried his creation and I would love to say it tasted like stale, salty garbage ... but I can't. I'm still shaking my head in embarrassment as I say, it tasted pretty damn good. A little extra protein with the eggs and of course a little extra sodium with the soy sauce, Top Ramen a well-rounded dinner makes.
So you've noticed that I didn't posted a picture of our creation, well I couldn't handle posting a picture that included every item being a beige-ish color. This one should stick with us for awhile. We desperately need help!

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