Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We aren't in California anymore Toto!

This morning I flew into Denver for a presentation and of course had to make a bee-line to the bathroom when I got off the plane. As I walked into the bathroom I noticed a sign that said "Tornado Secure Are"! WHAT??? Are you kidding me? If there is a tornado I am supposed to run for the bathroom.

Apparently those in Denver believe we should segregated the sexes during a tornado! I wished at that moment that I would have had a camera.

Oh the joys of traveling!


simplyme said...

I noticed that too...I am quite acquainted with the Denver airport these days. I didn't realize that Denver was a tornado area?? But, I guess it is good because if a tornado came through I would surely make good use of the facilities! :-)

Anonymous said...

I was just in Denver over the weekend reuniting with friends from college. I've been to that airport three times and I always laugh at that. I LOVE Denver...I could totally move there. Are you still coming this way in September?