Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love me some Nelly Furtado

So the training officially started last weekend. I am doing the City to Sea 1/2 Marathon, but that is boring old news.

Needing to get a run in today, well I should have run Tuesday AND today, I headed to the gym. I though it would be a good change of pace and different scenery. Since it 2008 I decided to run with my ipod for the first time. Yes, i said it the first time. I never did get sucked into the vortex known as ipod land but it might have happened today.

I jumped onto the treadmill and who started belting out "She's a Maneater ..." known other than Nelly Furtado. She made me run a little faster, work a little harder and made me want to be a little more of a maneater!

As I was grooving to Nelly I looked up at the TV and some trashy soap opera was on. I watched for a minute and managed to figure out most of the story line without hearing a line of dialog. This distraction running is real good. And then she caught my eye! A girl I went to elementary school with was on the screen in front of me. Now Bullard TALENT (Teaching Able Learners Exciting New Techniques) has produced some damn good singers, actresses and dancers. Yes, we performed our little heart outs.

Yvonna Kopacz was the main star! Crap I went to school with her, her two little sisters and Sharon Leal who has played Mimi in Rent.

All i do is peddle textbooks. Look what good that performing art education did for me!

Well distract me any day with Nelly Furtado on my ipod and I will run my heart out, won't be staring on Broadway but dammit I will cross that finish line!

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NineDaves said...

i'm so proud of you! keep up the good work!

and i love me some nelly furtado too. especially "maneater."