Monday, July 21, 2008

Nee-Nee It's my burfday!

On Sunday morning I was woken up by a little voice telling me "Nee-Nee it's my burfday" at 7:15am. One of the most perfect princesses celebrated her 4th birthday yesterday complete with an ear piercing the day before, a fisher price karaoke machine, a rideable horse and Paint Your Own Pottery party and a pair of "camping shoes" from Chata! Denis loves Keen's and thought Amelia needed a pair. Now, as Amelia told me "I have campin' shoes just like Chata".
I can't believe little miss Amelia is four. It seems like yesterday when she was born and I was one the first people to see her. We love her and her sistermore than words can say.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl!


Dave said...

awwww. how cute!

simplyme said...

Absolutley Adorable!!