Wednesday, July 16, 2008

3 Deadbolts ... I don't think so

Once again I am in NY with a zillion meetings and 10 hours of flying in three days. Well, this trip has been what I have deemed a "Jen Adventure". My friend and colleague Jen always runs into issues while traveling i.e. sleeping at the airport in Denver, always winning the travel from hell award.

I landed at JFK early and we didn't have a gate, so it started waiting on the runway. Do you have any idea how many hours I have spent on a runway in the last two year? Nothing will beat the JetBlue incident of 2007 (23 hours at the airport, 10 on a plane ... and got nowhere). We finally got a gate and I got in my car to come to the Rowdy. I love the Rowdy. It is my home away from home. Well apparently my house had changed the locks!

My reservation was nowhere to be found. Could have been my fault but I know I made a reservation. Of course the Rowdy was sold out so they were nice enough to book me a room at another hotel. Keep reading ... this is where it gets good.

So I show up at the "hotel" and I feel very if-y about this. There is NO central air conditioning (ever spent the night in a hotel room with no AC and windows that don't open, I don't recommend it). The guys at the front desk handed me a set, yes I said set of keys. I arrive at my room and have "that" feeling. The room has 2 deadbolt locks ... on the outside. Finally after juggling my keys, luggage, computer and that pit feeling in my stomach I get into the room. I would like to say that I thought "oh my god" but the words going through my head were much more colorful.

Ashtrays, smelly smells, no air and another 2 locks on the inside of the room were TOO MUCH for me. I made an about face and got the eff out. Since it was conveniently 5:45pm there wasn't a cab to catch. So I walked from 49th between 6th & 7th back to my blissful Rowdy.

Kate wins the "Kate is Great" award for sharing her room with me.

Tonight I blog from the comfort of my own room at my Home Away from Home.

Thanks Rowdy, I do love you.


simplyme said...

Oh no! You had bad travel juju! I am sorry to hear you had a "Jen Adventure." That made me laugh so hard! Alan would love this would comfort him to know that it is not just me! Good choice on bunking with Kate...anything more than one deadbolt is creepy city!!

P.S. Why is this from simplyme? I have a lot to learn about blogging. That must've be a clever tag I used when I started. I be lame.

Jen :-)

Journal of a ____ said...

Hello! Welcome to the great state of NY. What a story. Fortunately and unfortunately NYC is nothing like my small town of Troy.

Yesterday Brenda and I came home to find the backdoor wide open - no deadbolts in sight - and no one got hurt - amazing! (I had left it open, no foul play involved).

We are off to Tahoe tomorrow. We'll talk soon.